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Foto's 4e Italiaanse HDGD Kampioenschappen
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De foto's van de 4e Italiaanse Open Haidong Gumdo Kampioenschappen zijn ONLINE!!!
Ga naar de Italiaanse website om toegang te krijgen tot de foto galerij van de Italiaanse Haidong Gumdo짰 Association.

Meer foto's zijn te zien in de web galerij van Muye Imaging. De links voor zowel de foto's van het seminar en de kampioenschappen zijn te vinden in de hieronder vermeldde bestelprocedure.


SBN Corn챕


Dear Sir or Madam,

Please refer to the steps below on how to order the pictures.

- Seminar pictures:
- Championship pictures:

1. Browse through both websites.

2. Write down the numbers of the pictures you would like to order (displayed underneath).

3. Click the 쏰rder pictures button and your email program will pop up, enabling you the send your order. In case you
are using other email applications which do not support this link, enter the following email address: info@muye-

4. Please mention whether you are referring to either the seminar or the championship pictures. Example: 쏶eminar: 23,
48, ... and / or 쏞hampionship: 3, 56, 129, ...

5. Don셳 forget to add your name, position (student /Instructor/Master) and the name of your Dojang as you send the

6. Upon receiving the due amount to the PayPal account of you will receive a confirmation
email together with the pictures you have ordered in jpg format (1600 pixels / small Muye Imaging logo).

*NOTE Pictures can be ordered until the end of June 2011. It is not allowed to make any adjustments to the pictures.

1 Picture: 궗6
3 Pictures: 궗15 (궗3 discount)
5 Pictures: 궗25 (궗5 discount)
10 Pictures: 궗45 (궗15 discount)

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